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>>> dememracy in america. voters in the u.s. decide who they think should lead the country. one man has spent the past four years reshaping how americans see their country and how america is seen around the world. u.s. president barack obama took the wheel of an economy that resisted efforts to write it. now voters are deciding whether to stick with him or whether his republican opponent mitt romney deserves the job. eyewitness news line will focus all day on the race for president. >>> millions of americans are still voting. millions are already making their choices and already we're getting some hints about who they chose. our partners at abc news project barack obama will capture 3 electoral votes and mitt romney 33. >>> let's take a look at the projections state by state. the states in blue are for obama. the runs in red for romney. romney in south carolina, indiana, and kentucky. the projections give obama 3 electoral votes and they hope the number adds up to 270 or more needed to win the election. obama and the first lady arrived at home in chicago. the president wrapped hip h
by takezo obata, born in a farming village in hiroshima. he moved to america at the age of 17 to start a new life. overcoming hurdles such as prejudice, he worked hard in orchards and stock farms and became a successful rancher. but in 1942, after america entered world war ii, he was among those sent to internment camps. his farm and livestock were confiscated. obata lost everything he had worked to build for 40 years. he began channelling his energy into making art. he fashioned the rattlesnake from a mesquite branch he found. many internees have recalled how his fortitude and endurance helped keep them going. >> it's a reflection of himself, right. so it would be strength of his own personality or of a human being in general. >> reporter: most of the pieces in the exhibition had never been put on show until recently. >> this one is a mockingbird. >> reporter: they were gathered by delphine, a third-generation japanese-american. she was prompted to do this after coming across a small wooden proof while organizing her mother's mementos. her mothered a rarely talked to her about the internmen
offered by many of those who came before him. >> that america can change. our union can be perfected. >> many americans have grown tired of what their country had come to represent under george w. bush. obama promised change at home and abroad. he brought an end to the war in iraq. he said u.s. combat forces would pull out of afghanistan by the end of 2014. and he promised to decimate al qaeda. >> after a fire fight they killed osama bin laden and took custody of his body. we can say to those families who have lost loved ones to al qaeda's terror, justice has been done. >> but some argue obama has not met expectations in the middle east. he's faced persistent trouble with a dominant player in the region, iran. he has focused foreign policy to make it more multilateral, part of what he calls a broader shift. aft a dade in whi we fought two wars that cost us dearly, in blood and treasure, the united states is turning our attention to the vast potential of the asia-pacific region. >> reporter: obama turned his attention at home to pushing through health care reform, something president
. a type of natural gas trapped in under ground rock. america relies on it for 20% of import needs. now let's get a check on the markets. the yen is losing ground slightly against the dollar and the euro. dollar/yen is changing hands at 79.57 and the euro/yen is quoted at 100.99 to 104. debt stricken greece could get bail out funds. share prices are rising slightly in tokyo. this morning the index stands at 8,695. that's up about two-tenths of a percent. the index fell six days in a row. investors are now buying back mainly export related issues. >>> other markets in special regions. the kospi is down about.14%. the people who will made japanese money, the operators of the national mint are pitching their services to overseas government. the first customer looks like being bangladesh. officials are expecting to receive the order soon for 500 million bangladesh's coins. they are made of stainless steel and worth about three cents. other bidders included britain and germany. japan's mint has produced coins in the past but this will be the first time to mint a foreign common currency. producti
in north america. a new design based on mazda's demio model will be used for this new car. toyota will pay for part of the necessary production equipment and also shoulder some development costs. with the agreement, toyota aims to strengthen its lineup in north america. mazda on its part is hoping to ramp up production efficiency at the new plant and improve its profitability. the two firms had earlier joined hands to produce a hybrid car in japan. >>> japanese steelmakers have reported sharp profit declines in their first half of their business year. that's due to flagging overseas demand and increasing competition from china and south korea. three steel companies said although they managed to stay in pln areerianptx they are nippon steel corporation,umommesto n another maker, kobe steel, swung in t slowdown. duproduction and sales picked u in october.arcote. meanwhe,etail les were uraig mth noceth t csur rlier.a jaar20.fiter pelehow gnof reve. hteth t ctr aairs beau. wl meetext sdayh kepefists ddsh thr ous tethwaveme spso pas warsn e sthi s.siinepmb jt te jan tialedhr oth mo no vifense g
. robert? >> well, there are some rough spots out here, actually, across the americas that we're continuing to watch. first, let's look at the dakotas where a storm system is moving through here. you could be seeing 10 centimeter of accumulation coming down here. of snow. with that same system, we have a cold front stretching across the ohio, ev into the mississippi river vall. that will be bringing rain showers for you. thunderstorm activity going through your thursday. but the rest of the americas looks rather dry. on friday, though, we are watching a storm system moving into the pacific northwest, already affecting british columbia here with some gusty winds, even heavy rains. that's expected to track off here towards the east. take a look at the sunny sky down there toward the southwest, along the east coast, plan on enjoying your thursday and getting out there for autumn weather. well, it does look like it's going to be rather decent. but let's talk about those temperatures. because this cold front ll be dropping things down drastically. in the central plains. minneapolis, 13 here on y
lineup in north america. mazda on its part is hoping to ramp up production efficiency at the new plant and improve its profitability. the two firms earlier joined hands to produce a hybrid car in japan. mazda will be using toyota's hybrid car technology for the production of the car. >>> japanese steelmakers have reported sharp profit declines in the first half of their business year. that's due to flagging overseas demand and increasing competition from china and south korea. three steel companies said that although they managed to stay in the black between april and september, their pre tax profits plunged between 73 and 92% from a year earlier. they are nippon steel, sumitomo metal and jfe holdings. anyplace poen steel and sumitomo metal merged. corporate executives say demand for steel remains weak in the midst of the global economic slowdown. they predict supply is likely to remain excessive for some time. >>> taking a look at the markets. european shares have started trading in negative territory. investors are nervous about u.s. fiscal problems and a bailout for greece. >>> here
looking here in the tropics. manila 33. here in the americas things r calm and dry. even toward central canada things are clearing out. also here in the pacific northwest a system will be moving in and that could add 30 centimeters. things will be tapering off and houston e, louisiana, 30s here. don't digits finally moving there. here in europe this system is going to be better. we're looking at very wet conditions into the next 24/48 too. the gusts are going to be very strong as well. here is the extended forecast. >>> our le sries this hour. israeli government has been pounded targets inside gaza. the flair up and fighting is raising concerns of a wider conduct similar to what happened in 2008. >>> riz ray lee forces have attack. hostilities started with an air triek. the military chief. at least 15 have dies in all, including children. ga rests are staying ng. >> reporter: in fact, it was a bad night for young and old people especially for children. >> hamas is ratcheting up its attacks. fighters law firmed more than 250 rockets in israel high pressure they allowed us in a suburb. ha
for beijing. 17 degrees in tokyo. that's about seven degrees higher than yesterday. moving into the americas. thanksgiving day, u.s. thanksgiving day is coming up thursday. it's going to be the busy week for you. drivers may run into extremely dangerous traveling conditions for the northwest as a new system moving in from the pacific. right now we're looking hefty showers along the coast from northern californi up into british columbia. you may see as much as 160 millimeters of rain in the next 24 hours. it's more than the monthly rainfall for november. the lines are very close to each other meaning winds are blowing. as the system moves forward the east heavy snow is going to be a very big problem. 50 centimeters of snow is possible. that's going to be accompanied by very strong winds. gusts could hit 100 kilometers per how. coasl ra cld lead to flash flood along the coast. as for the continent dry and relatively warm conditions will continue throughout the thanksgiving week. temperatures on your tuesday. 22 degrees in oklahoma city. 25 in houston. temperatures are remaining on the seasonal
seven degrees higher than yesterday. moving into the americas. thanksgiving day, u.s. thanksgiving day is coming up thursday. it's going to be the busy week for you. drivers may run into extremely dangerous traveling conditions for the northwest as a new system moving in from the pacific. right now we're looking hefty showers along the coast from northern california up into british columbia. you may see as much as 160 millimeters of rain in the next it's more than the monthly rainfall for november. the lines areery g. syses forwa east heavy snow is going to be possible. that's going to be aomni kilom eaonnd warm conditions will continue throughout e oklahoma . 25 in houston. let's go over to eupe. a train ofd g over 80 kimers perou i o the nohe half of the britishl t sthevere atr lkiikis. tar t ea. res e teedoras>ne me orf e swt ufisrain hediereio oatns itasn.e tiho mthndeced wt tdoite thdif"thksery much for jning us.
degrees in tokyo. rain will be dissipating. moving into the americas. this is where the jetstream is flowing and low pressure systems will move along this flow. first of all, we have a low west of british columbia. that will move into coastal areas. the coast mountain in british columbia will see as much as 30 centimeters of snow in the nt 24 hours. ahead of the system we have another low. snow as well as rain showers are likely. chicago will turn wet on your tuesday. we have a very powerful low pressure system over the south. this is bringing the risk of severe weather in south eastern texas and southern louisiana. even tornadoes cannot be ruled out. it's going to be moving along the eastern seaboard from tuesday evening into your thursday. that means the east coast where hurricane sandy devastated will be seeing another round of stormy conditions ahead of the middle part of the week. rain will start in atlanta on tuesday and washington, d.c. and new york city will see rain showers on your wednesday and even snow showers are possible overnight wednesday and thursday. on tuesday w
to be minus 8 degrees. meanwhile, warming up to 21 degrees in tokyo. all right, moving into the americas, then. in guatemala, a major earthquake occurred on wednesday morning local time. it looks like weather is cooperative. sunny skies will continue into thursday. out towards the east, a nor'easter strengthening over the east of the u.s. this is causing very strong north easterly winds and also very heavy cold precipitation in parts of the northeastern section of the u.s., as well as atlantic canada. as much as 15 to 30 centimeters of snow is likely in the high elevations in new england, and even lower-lying evations such as new york city, seeing the first snowfall of the season. as much as 7 centimeters likely overnight wednesday into thursday. out towards the west, things are going to change dramatically in the next 24 hours in the northwestern u.s. we are seeing blizzard-hike conditions. we're expecting blizzard-like conditions in the northern plains. i should say the northern rockies. winds and heavy rain are on the cards from thursday continuing into your friday. the sierras also will se
the americas, high pressure is dominating. what that means, big capping dome here of clear skies is on tap. some cool temperatures, but it's going to be fairly nice here going through your weekend. across the west coast, though, not so much the case. we have a few pacific storm systems pushing onshore here bringing with it some heavy rainfall, reducing visibilities out across the areas. if you're flying out of vancouver, seattle, even san francisco, check your flights out ahead of time. they could be delayed or canceled. and then farther inland, skiers are going to be happy. some heavy snow will be falling into the rockies across british columbia, even down there towards california. but if you're driving across this area, even towards denver, do slow down. some of the white stuff will be coming out of the skies across much of these areas. temperatures, winnipeg, a high of zero towards the north, chicago at 10. if we look at the east coast, a pair of 11s there in new york and washington, d.c. and then into europe, also continuing to watch a storm system push onshore across portugal and spai
. moving over to the americas. still this low pressure system is being very well developed. it's going to furer intensify as it moves toward lower mississippi valley. it's already bringing thunder showers across this area but things could get on the severe side. main threats will be hail and damaging winds. tornadic activity cannot be ruled out. as it moves toward the northeast things will get very chilly with that fridgid air flowing in. precipitation will likely turn to white in new york. i know some hundreds of houses are still out of power due to the aftermath of hurricane sandy. i think the snow will make things work especially with the travel disturbances. chicago looking at 1 degrees. moving over to the european continent. still gusty conditions and unstable weather. wet also. some heavy rain could target the regions that the flooding situations not alleviated yet. across the south central and the mid mediterranean regions very unstable conditions. hail, damaging winds and also heavy rain is on tap. here is your extended forecast. >>> opposition activists in syria say government
kong and a hot day in bangkok, 33. all right let's go now across to the americas. very clear day across much of the u.s., mexico, and canada. we've got a system weakening off in the northwest, even out towards the northeast. high pressure is pushing in as that long front moves away. we are still going to see some showers continuing here around florida up into the carolinas. you could see some heavier rain with that as well, some thunder and lightening. temperatures are going to be falling across the northeast. you'll notice a big dip in new york, down to 19, 10 in d.c. and 7 in toronto. meanwhile, 1 degree in win be any peg which is warmer than the past couple of days. taking a quick look into europe. things are looking a little bit dryer in the next 24 hours for the british isles. having a steady stream of moisture coming in, heavy rain hitting western norway as well as scotland and northern ireland and ireland. things are going to get a little bit clearer across the british aisles as we head on into thursday. however, still seeing some snow up towards the north of norway and some heav
towards the americas with high pressure dominating much of the united states and canada, keeping the skies clear here. you see on the precipitation outlook, nothing much going on. we do have a system moving just off the coastline of the southeastern u.s. that's going to start to bring fairer weather. the one system we are continuing to watch is this one here moving into northern california, around san francisco. if you have any flights in or out of here, check ahead of time. this is going to create some rain, maybe some fog with it, and it is going to be reducing visibilities, so you'll want to check on that. even out to the sierra nevadas, some snowfall will be accompanying it as well. as far as temperatures, also on the cool side with clear skies. chicago, only a high of 10, winnipeg minus 8 here going through your afternoon hours. now these temperatures will start to rebound across much of the country into the weekend, getting back to a more seasonable level. over towards europe, high pressure also dominating here. not much going on in central and eastern europe. we have a system just o
into the americas tells us things are looking very clear here across much of the center of the continent. in fact, mexico right through central canada. however, our low pressure, the system that's been pushing into the pacific northwest still seeing showers, coastal rain and mountain snow. that is actually starting to settle down. out east we have this long front which has been bringing showers all the way down to the gulf of mexico. it's going to be bringing you, in fact, some snowshowers in parts of new york state, pennsylvania, up into new england new england. but it's not going to be accumulating. it's not going to lie. just a few light snowshowers. temperatures will drop dramatically but should rebound by the end of the week. we'll have high pressure moving in. things will be nice and clear for you into the weekend. a quick look into europe before we go. things are settling down in the center where we've been dealing with heavy rain. talking northern italy as well as northwestern parts of the balkans. now we'll see clearing and high pressure moving in. still see heavier rain down across nort
let's look over toward the americas and look at the clear skies on the satellite picture. this is all due to this dome of high pressure that is just suppressing the cloud cover across much of canada down there throughout the united states. we do have a few storm systems moving onshore across the west coast. those are really the big topic for today going into friday and then eventually saturday as these continue to push onshore. they were bringing heavy rainfall, even gusty winds up to 50 kilometers per hour and some of the valleys here right near the coast lines this could be about 80 kilometer per hour winds expected. once you get through the funneling effect here and a little further inland you could be seeing heavy snow accumulating especially into the higher elevations. if you're a skier you're going to like this but driving is going to be dangerous. flights in and out of seattle, vancouver, down through san francisco do check these out ahead of time. this very well could be causing some airport delays and even cancellations possible. temperatures across much of the u.s. here thou
the americas, let's talk about this storm system. this nor'easter pulling off towards the north. it has been bringing rough weather already and already hurricane-force-strength winds in effect across the region. it doesn't mean it's a hurricane. it's a nor'easter. heavy winds across this area as it pulls to the northeast. potent storm system not to mention the heavy rains, but also the snow that's going to be pulled in from maine to eastern pennsylvania. tuflly winter storm advisories in effect. you'll be seeing about three to six centimeters of snowfall. even the mix of rain and snow near the coastline arc companied by the very gusty winds. some of these areas will be seeing blizzard and whiteout conditions. driving is going to be extremely dangerous. you plan on flying in and out of here, do expect delays and cancellations as the storm system pulls to the north. temperatures will look like this, single digits in winnipeg. chicago at eight. on the flip side of that, houston still in the high 20s in the middle of your week. let's look over towards europe. we've been seeing a series of low pr
to use america's greatest power to shape history. >> reporter: both candidates have talked about relationships with china, but often in economic terms. neither has explained enough how he would deal with beijing diplomatically. china is now the world's second largest economy. it's also strengthens its military power and it's growing more assertive in territorial disputes. professor sew cha chin is an expert on foreign policy at american university in washington, d.c. he says both obama and romney would, if elected, continue the u.s. policy of engagement in the region. >> asia pacific is the natural choice for the policy of u.s. foreign policy given the very size of economy, and this is the most dynamic region in the world. think about u.s., china, japan. number one, number two, number three economies, all in asia pacific. zhao says the potential for conflict remains but the flash points have shifted. >> before there were two historically so-called hot spots may bring the two powers to war, one, korea peninsula, and the other, taiwan strait. but there are two other points now, one
Search Results 0 to 27 of about 28 (some duplicates have been removed)